A simple guide to ordering and eating Sushi for the first time

This traditional Japanese dish is indeed a treat to the eyes with beautifully wrapped rolls cut to perfection and served in a tempting manner. Though it belongs to Japan, it is quite popular in American cuisine as well. People who aren’t familiar with sushi might think of it as a tedious task to order and eat Sushi. Read on to know the basics of sushi, types of rolls, side dishes eaten with sushi and how to eat it.

Know the basics

Sashimi- This is the most basic type of Sushi in which raw fish is cut into long rectangular pieces and served with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.

Nigiri- This Sushi consists of a flattened piece of vinegared rice covered with a slice of fish. It is usually eaten with hands and only two pieces are served at once.

Maki- Maki is made with a sheet of nori, wrapped around in a layer of rice, vegetables and fish. It is rolled using a bamboo mat and is cut into several pieces.

Sushi comes in different shapes and with different fillings and is known as Futomaki, Temaki, Hosomaki and Gunkanmaki.

Types of Sushi Rolls

Spicy tuna roll- Spicy tuna rolls have nori sheets on the inside and rice on the outside. It contains raw tuna fish which has been seasoned with spicy mayonnaise.

Rainbow roll- Rainbow roll is the prettiest version of sushi rolls and is quite colourful to gaze at. It is made with different kinds of fishes like salmon, tuna and shrimp. Fish it paired with cucumber, avocado and green onion shoots before preparing the rolls.

Dragon roll- Dragon rolls are prepared using tempura shrimps, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise and unagi sauce. It has rice on the outside and is sprinkled with some sesame seeds.

Spider roll- Spider rolls are made with deep-fried crabs and include a filling of cucumber, avocado, lettuce and spicy mayonnaise.

California roll- California rolls are like inside-out sushi rolls with nori sheets on the outside and rice on the inside. The filling includes avocado, imitation crab, cucumber, and tobiko.

Side dishes with Sushi

Sushi is always served with wasabi and pickled ginger. Have you wondered why so? Wasabi is quite spicy and gives an extra kick to the dish. Many people mix wasabi with soy sauce and pair their sushi with it to make a flavourful meal.

On the other hand, pickled ginger has a mild and soothing flavour. Its taste also clears the flavours of the last sushi roll and prepares your taste buds for the next dish.

How to eat Sushi

  1. Once you receive your Sushi plate, pour some soy sauce on the plate.
  2. Lightly mix with wasabi and brush your Sushi rolls with the mixture. You can also dip your Sushi in the mixture.
  3. Eat the sushi with your chopsticks in one bite. Avoid taking bites of the sushi rolls and eat it in one go.
  4. Sushi is usually eaten with chopsticks as it is considered sanitary and is also traditional.
  5. Chew it properly and enjoy the flavours exploding in your mouth.
  6. Now take a small piece of pickled ginger and eat it between your sushi rolls. This will help in clearing your palate.
  7. That’s all you need to do to enjoy this tempting dish.

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